Curiosity is the next step.
NASA builds on history with Mars Landing of Curiosity.

Team Telescope Recognition Award
NASA's Flight Successes continue.  
Skills of the Men and Women who make flight possible.
Curiosity today successfully landed on Mars.  Learn about the history of Flight. 
Team Galaxy is formed in Belleview Florida, the newest youth deep space telescope education unit is formed around the Dobkowski family.
Visit Curiosity for continuing scientific information about this milestone accomplishment.  Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Shuttle.
Learn More About Mars Flight history and mechanics from NASA. 

Economic Action Leader of the Year, Jimmy Leeward

Developer of the CP-35, Sunshine Lane Industrial Parks, and the Leeward Air Ranch

Among many other Economic Development Promotions.  

Without Jimmy Leeward, tourism, and Economic Development would never be the same in Central Florida.

Aircraft arrive from around the United States of America, multiple times each year to visit Marion County and Visit the Leeward Air Ranch

Just south of Ocala

Visit Hubble View for extreme looks at space.  Tiny Hubble is education ready for today's students. Yes folks, we have now linked Colin Baker our Gammons scholar ambassador,into our deep space telescope gammons deep space program.
Children from Wales will be able to describe their experience of life in Wales. 

Eustis High receives the Dave Walker / Charles Bolden Telescope.  Presented by Senator Alan Hays, funded 100% by Lake Eustis Sailing Club coordinated by Don Browning of Team Telescope 
Visit Lake Eustis Institute to learn more about Art Education in Central Florida. 


Eustis High School Walker/Bolden Telescope
Dedication of the Tomorrow's Astronauts Telescope

 The Dedication of the Eustis High School Deep Space Celestron  Dave Walker/Charles Bolden Jr. Telescope.  Captain David Walker (deceased) is a 1962 Graduate of Eustis High School.  Charles Bolden Jr. is current NASA Director.  Both are noted Astronauts and as such are recognized as honorees in the Gammons Tomorrow's Astronaut Program.
Lake Eustis Sailing Club selects Eustis High School as the recipient of the Tomorrow's Astronauts Award.  Stay tuned for details on the Presentation.  Florida Representative Alan Hays and Eustis Mayor Karen Leheup-Smith have been active in directing the Award.  Lake Eustis Sailing Club Commodore June Howell's Community Action involvement program is the driving force in promoting education opportunities for Area Youth
Date Sept 29, 2010

Time  8:30 am

Who: Principal Mr. Albert Larry. 352-357-4147
Place: Eustis High School 1300 E. Washington Ave, Eustis, Florida 352 357-4147
Among those attending or represented:
State Representative Alan Hays, Don Browning, Commodore June Howells, Board Members, LESC Members
School Board  Kyleen Fisher
City of Eustis Mayor Karen Leheup-Smith, has helped coordinate the program from the inception.
All are welcome as we deliver the Deep Space Telescope to the Students of Lake Eustis High

The Gammons Foundation Award for Excellence

The Gammons Prize is awarded in recognition of exceptional Educational Role Model Performance by an Astronaut.

In Memory of Kenneth and Mildred Gammons, Founders of the Gammons Charitable Foundation, Each prize consists of a Celestron Deep Space Telescope, named in honor of an Exceptional Astronaut.

The Telescope is presented to a school to be used by the students, in honor of the Award Winner.


Educational Site.  Keep informed Learn and Grow.  Gadsden County home of the first Gammons Award is home of Betty James, Gammons Author of the year, 2010.  Don Browning suggested a program to distribute Betty James books across Florida.

Celestron Links to actual astro objects, terrestrial Bird Watching, and Didgi-scoping.  Visit Scientific for monthly star viewing information, and ROCKETMAN for Educational Data.

Tomorrow's Astronauts. Com Director Don Browning has announced: The University of Central Missouri has been selected as a double Tomorrow's Astronaut Award recipient.  Both the Science Lab of the Micro world, and the Macro Telescope Deep Space Celestial world have been awarded.  Dr Scott McKay Department Chair & Professor of Chemistry Department of Biochem, Phys. is program director.  Dr Harrison Schmitt, Astronaut Scientist and Former US Senator is the telescope honoree.  The Harrison Schmitt Telescope will reside at the University of Central Missouri, College of Education.  Dr. Schmitt is one of the final astronauts to walk on the moon as well as a former US Senator.

The Tomorrow's Astronauts Microscopes included in the Science Lab Award, are named for Mr. Phil Sumrall currently manager of the Advanced Planning Ares Projects Office at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. Mr Sumarall is an UCM Alumni.


Also announced is the Award of the Tomorrow's Astronaut Telescope to Booker Middle School.  The Gammons Foundation and Helping Kids Reach for the Stars Rocketry Program. Mr Glenn Wachter of Brooker Middle School is Program Director.

 Visit ROCKETMAN to learn about the excellent education opportunities afforded today's youth.

 A report on STS 129 Launch.  We will hold each launch report for historic reasons as the missions wind down.

Friday morning, Nov 27, STS 129 and Astronaut Michael Foreman of Wadsworth High Fame, has landed at Kennedy Space Center just moments ago successfully completing the mission to the International Space Station.  STS 129 was the 31st NASA Shuttle trip to the International Space Station.

STS 129 Commander and Crew, you Rock!

Team Telescope Director Don Browning Gammons Team Leader

International Selection:  Japanese Astronaut Dr. Koichi Wakata of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, has been selected as a Gammons Team Telescope Honoree.  Koichi san recently flew into space aboard STS 119 and then served aboard the International Space Station. Commander Lee Archambault of STS 119 was honored in January and Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp dedicated the Lee Archambault Telescope in Gadsden County School District. Astronaut Joe Acaba an educator/astronaut was also aboard STS 119.  The Joe Acaba Telescope in now in the Marion County School System where Joe once served as an elementary teacher.

See below Discovery with Dr. Wakata aboard hurling into space. Also, see the anouncement of the Astronaut Michael J. Foreman Telescope to the Students of Wadsworth Ohio.

Images from Celestron Telescopes.

Central Florida Banking is a proud sponsor of Tomorrows

Home of Tomorrow's Astronauts, Marion County Florida.

Learn about Telescopes in Education.

Koichi Wakata PH.D. Astronaut, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.




The Michael J Foreman Telescope is installed at Wadsworth High School, Wadsworth Ohio  

We just received word that Captain Foreman's mom, Nancy Foreman, reported the Michael J. Foreman Telescope has arrived at Wadsworth High. 

Michael is scheduled to launch into space on November 16th.  God's Speed Mike! 

Just in: NASA Astronaut Captain Michael J. Foreman, USN Ret., has been named by the Gammons Charitable Foundation to receive the Gammons Scholar Team Telescope Award.

Wadsworth Ohio's Favorite Son to receive honor.  Mike Foreman flew on STS 123 and is assigned as a Mission Specialist on the up coming STS-129 mission.

Don Browning, Gammons Team leader is working with City and School Officials to have the telescope in place before Mike launches into space in November.

The Capt. Michael J. Foreman Telescope will link Ohio youth to the universe.

Meet NASA Astronaut Michael J. Foreman (Captain, USN, RET.) A true role model to help today's students achieve their potential tomorrow.

Mike Foreman and Don Browning prior to STS 119
Greating Guests at Commander Archambault send off gathering.

The Honorable Robin Laubaugh, the Mayor of Wadsworth Ohio, Recently discussed details of The Michael J. Foreman Telescope Award to Wadsworth's youth in honor of Astronaut Mike Foreman.

Kepler Telescope Takes an interesting approach to viewing the heavens. Learn More. NASA and Space Florida are on the cutting edge of Science.

Nasa has a new view from space that may help keep the world's water clean. Team Conservation Water Czar Don Browning explains.

STS 128 Waits for Launch Clearance as Clouds Build
Don Browning 2009 Tomorows Astronauts. Role Models for todays youth.

Hoping to view a successful launch, Viewers watched as storm clouds built, illuminated by periodic lighting.  Meteorology lesson for youth as Discovery prepares to launch.
Team Telescope . com Director Don Browning uses Art to help link Arts with Educational opportunities for Tomorrows Astronauts.  The Modern Computerized Telescope is a great tool to keep Science Education fun.

Discovery's successful launch ealier this year.
2009Commander Lee Archambault and crew experienced clear weather for Discoverys March 2009 launch.

Space Florida, joins NASA in presenting the launch experience.  Building the World Economy is job one. Art helps the viewer understand Space Travel issues.  Photographer Don Browning shares the visual experience of Tuesday's early morning scheduled Launch Attempt of STS 128 Commanded by Rick Sturckow.
The Space Program is leading the way. Environmental artist and author Don Browning remembers preflighting his aerobatic aircraft before competition flights in the Acrobatic Box.  Don flew his Greatlakes biplane and Pitts Special in Florida and National Aerobatic Competitions.  Rockets can punch through a cloud cover and quickly be in the clear unless their is a need to quickly return to the Space Center runway.   Flying in clouds is a non starter.  Pilot Kevin Ford and Commander Rick Sturckow would have their hands full attempting a dead stick engines out landing back at Kennedy Space Center runway under the best weather conditions.  With a cloud cover near the ground their chances would be zero.
 Many issues must be cleared such as weather involving lighting, and mechanical-technical systems concerns with the space craft.  Clouds pose a special concern both in take off and landing. Safety is job one.
Florida Arts Council Member Don Browning  is developing a visual Grass Roots portfolio to help the nation relate to the issues of Space Travel.  Using todays technology we must think like a rocket pilot on take off, zero power, to full power in seconds, explosive energy in the ultimate dragster, rocketing to 17000 miles per hour from a standing still start.  Viewers hold that thought, spectacular imagery, with an overlay of reality only moments away, in the event of a quick return to the space center.
Becoming a glider poses a new set of issues for pilot Kevin Ford.  Trained to land as an aircraft, Kevin is any pilot with an engine out, searching for the runway, using technical aids, but knowing the final call is enough altitude to make the runway but not too much to cause an over run of the field.  Seeing the field is key and understanding visibility through the atmosphere is easy for the ordinary citizen to understand.  To much moisture for a given temperature and clouds form a barrier to light waves.  Low energy visual light waves do not penetrate clouds well.  Actually, refraction and reflection cause photons to bounce in all directions causing a white out effect.  
Viewers of the Discovery launch were treated to a spot light show that demonstrated what a pilot would see above the clouds.  Very little of what is behind the clouds can reflect light to the approaching aircraft.  If a pilot can't see the moon and the stars above the clouds, he will not be able to see the runway below the clouds for a landing.  Art can help everyone involved understand the reason for caution when declaring a launch cleared for takeoff.  

Educational Links, Space Coalition provides excellent information. More.

Education Resources help students learn more about Shuttle Missions. More.

NASA and Space Florida are deeply involved with Education. See NASA Explorer Schools. More.

Space Florida Education and Promotion of Florida's Aerospace Industry.

News about an ordinary person finding Supernova. Exploding Stars discovered by Amateur British Astronomer Tom Boles.


Special Presentation By Florida's Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp to the Children of the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches.  The Gammons Foundation provided funds to link Space Florida/NASA to Education.

STS 125 Atlantis experiences clear weather. 2009
Even Day Launches must have clear visual flight rules weather to land safely.

Dedication July 21 Sheriff's Association Conference PGA National Resort & Spa.  Presenter Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp, Don Browning Gammons Scholar Team Leader.
Marion County Sheriff Ed Dean declared, "the Sky is the Limit for our Youth!"

Successful adults can have a great impact on youth
STS 125 The Telescope Repair Mission Don Browning 2009

Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp of Florida presides.
Don Browning and Florida Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp discuss the Susan J. Helms Telescope.

 Team Telescope award goes to the Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranches.  U.S. Air Force Brigadier General Susan J. Helms, is the Latest Team Telescope Role Model Honoree.  Members of the TomorrowsAstronauts.Com Team, including Marion County Sheriff Ed Dean, and Don Browning, worked with the Gammons Charitable Foundation to secure the computerized Celestron Telescope for the students of Florida's Youth Ranches.  

Sheriff Ed Dean discusses Susan J. Helms Telescope
Sheriff Brad Steube and Sheriff Ed Dean, Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp and Don Browning.

Plans are in works for the students to demonstrate the Susan J. Helms Telescope.
Scheduled for demonstration at the 52nd Anniversary Celebration, Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009 at the Sheriff's Youth Ranch in Live Oak Florida.

Secretary Walt McNeil, Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp
Education is the topic at the dedication of the Susan J. Helms Telescope

Astronauts provide an excellent Leadership Role Model, for the Youth of the World to help them reach their potential.  Florida's Governor Charlie Crist and Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp, have joined with other leaders, helping to show students that Science and Adventure are great Fun! 

Team Telescope is using the gift of a modern computerized Celestron Telescope to make learning more fun.  Linking student classes with educational resources at NASA and Space Florida, students are receiving hands on experience in Practical Science.   Student groups are linked with an Astronaut Honoree and a telescope permanently dedicated.  The latest Dedication is to the Students of the Florida Youth Ranches, and the honoree is Brigadier General Susan J. Helms. 

NASA and Space Florida educational programs supported by an on site sophisticated telescope helps promote the teacher, student connection. Today's astronauts help school children find their way to becoming tomorrow's doctors, lawyers, teachers, generals and of course Astronauts.

Congratulations to the bright, young school child Susan, who studied and worked her way into the U.S. Air Force Academy, Astronaut Service, became a leader in  in outer space safety, and is now the Director of Plans and Policy for the U.S. Strategic Command!  And so our mentoring is designed to support the real possibility, of a young student of 2009, in this student body, imagining, then becoming an astronaut, governor, sheriff, or perhaps a U.S. Air Force General, the journey repeats!

Today students await the magical connection to future opportunity that we all received a generation or more ago. Understanding the journey from elementary school made by a young Susan Helms as she traveled, mentored, to the top of several professions, is to grasp the importance of showing the way to today's children.  Today, Susan Helms is the mentor, role model to millions as they struggle to become tomorrows leaders.  Yesterday she was the student looking for mentors and hoping to find opportunity.

General Susan Helms latest efforts will help make space a safer place for Tomorrows Astronauts.  She recently worked with the United Nations in an effort to reduce space hazards.

Gammons Scholar TeamTelescope founder Don Browning
Art, Education, Aviation and Community Service come together in Team Telescope.

NASA and Space Florida provide Educational Links.
The Hubble Service mission displays exciting Educational Opportunities.

Just in! Brigadier General Susan J. Helms, is the Latest Team Telescope Honoree.  Members of the TomorrowsAstronauts.Com Team, including Marion County Sheriff Ed Dean, and Don Browning, worked with the Gammons Charitable Foundation to secure the computerized Celestron Telescope to the youth of Florida's Youth Ranches.  Alison Evens was key in securing the Donation of this important Science Link for the youth of Florida Youth Ranches.
Funded by The Gammons Charitable Foundation the Computerized Telescope will be presented by Lt Governor Jeff Kottkamp at the Florida Sheriff's Association meeting in West Palm on June 21, 2009.
Astronaut and Educator Joe Acaba recently was recognized by Team Telescope in Marion County Florida.  The Lake Weir High School Physics Class under Mark Johnson is preparing to develop the Acaba Telescope into the Academic Curriculum using links to multiple telescopes in orbit.

Principal Ashman, Joe Acaba and Ron Crawford
Don Browning Joins School Board Member Ron Crawford in Team Telescope Anouncment

Dunnellon Teacher turned Astronaut Joe Acaba!
Astronaut Joe Acaba receives details on the Acaba Telescope dedication.

The followingTelescope Presentation by Don Browning and the Gammons Foundation is scheduled for the Marion County Florida School District.  Ron Crawford school board member is program chair for the Gammons Project.  May 12 is the target date.  The Celestron Telescope will be named for Astronaut Joe Acaba who recently returned from NASA's STS 119.

Many of Florida's most interested in Children's Education, gathered at Gretna and Chattahoochee Elementary Schools to receive Dictionaries and a Computerized Telescope from Team Telescope.  

The Archanbault Telescope was presented by Florida's Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp.  Gammons Charitable Foundation worked with Beulah Hill Missionary Baptist Church.  Rev. Matthew Carter Team Leader Gammons Scholar Program.

Bishop Titus Deas, Judge Helms, Matthew Carter, Betty James, Lt Governor Kottkamp, Reginald James, Lisa Robinson and Don Browning join with many others to present the Archambault Telescope and Dictionaries. Percy Luney of Space Florida was on hand to help with the festivities.

Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp recognizes Betty James
Team Telescope have a great day with the Gadsden County Children.

Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp to present first Gammons TomorrowsAstronaut Telescope.  April 15, 2009, Gadsden  County Florida to the children of Gretna Elementary.  Each child has a chance to be tomorrow's astronauts.

NASA and Japanese Join in Solar Panel Delivery.
Archambault, Wakata, Acaba, and Foreman Honored! 2009 Don Browning

Education Outreach 400th Anniversary of Galileo's first observations of the Universe through a Telescope.

Do you know our Astronauts. TeamTelescope names educational telescopes after astronauts.

Rep. Cliff Sterns has a long history of supporting Arts, Education, and improved quality of life for all Americans.  Astronaut Joe Acaba is currently a Super Hero in Cliff's District as our Teacher linked to NASA Triumphs.  All Marion County is excited about this important mission.  TeamTelescope will honor STS 119 Astronauts with telescopes placed with students scheduled to be tomorrows leaders.  Thank you NASA for sellecting Educator Joe Acaba.

Governor Charlie Crist's Educational Initiative gains broad support.  Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp and Governor Crist are making a difference linking Inspirational Leaders to the wide range of educational programs provided to Florida's Children .  Dictionaries for Students, and Telescopes to Teach are two programs gaining traction.

Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp is leading the charge in Education and Arts.  Gadsden County Students will be honored with two presentations to Gadsden County Students.

Chattahoochee Elementary students will be the first to receive dictionaries, Matthew M. Carter, Teameducation leader.  Also, in line to receive dictionaries, are each of the students of Gretna Elementary.  Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp, long a leader in education and quality of life will help with presentations.  

Environmental Artist Don Browning and Arts Council Chairman Tim Deratany, met with House Speaker Larry Cretul to discuss the Arts and Education benefits of several Education Programs.  Arts and Education ultimately juice up the economy and Speaker Cretul is helping our children learn and supporting teachers with his strong support.

Arts Council Member Don Browning uses high powered telescopes in Wildlife Photography and Celestrial Photography Art.  Mr. Browning is coordinating an effort to place computerized telescopes in school districts to help students learn.  Almost every phase of education can be related to the telescope, from Earth Sciences, Art, and Environmental issues, to technical breakthroughs in the field of Astro Physics.  The solar votaic mission of NASA's STS119 mission is a prime example, said Browning.   We are linking Tomorrow's Astronauts with today's lesson plan.

Division of Cultural Affairs Director Sandy Shaughnessy is also helping lead the Arts and Education charge centered in Florida.

Out in front of the privately funded educational effort to link our children are a group of strong civic and governmental leaders.


STS 119 Latest News Solar Panel Delivery

Meet the Astronauts.

Modern Telescopes and lenses access the Electromagnetic wonder called light.

Welcome graphic

Looking into the heavens may help students learn.

Former MCPS Teacher Is Now a NASA Astronaut.

An 8" Celestron Telescope Helps the Author Photograph Florida's Wildlife Treasures.

It is my distinct pleasure to launch an educational link between the youth of the world and today's  NASA achievers.  It is our hope that a hands on experience with a Telescope, will help to bring excellence and educational opportunity closer to today's youth as they gain the education needed to be the Astronauts of Tomorrow. As funding develops astronaut achievement will be celebrated in communities around the world.
Why the Telescope?
Modern Telescopes are a light gathering optics system, linked to a computer.  The Perfect Educational Computer game.  Youngsters naturally excel.  A portal to the universe.   Thousands of objects can be located after you align on any three bright celestial objects.  Under proper supervision many study subjects become more interesting.  During class, detailed Sky Maps help students understand the solar system and make night viewing more meaningful.  Fun is in!
 Educational Opportunities from Astro Physics to Earth Sciences:
What ever a child chooses as a field of study it can be made more exciting.  We must do a great deal to facilitate learning of Reading, Writing, Math, Thinking, Seeing, Understanding and a host of great intellectual opportunities. We are attempting to help each child achieve their potential. An earlyl Sponsor is Kiwanis International.  Mr. George Albright of the Lake Weir Kiwanis Club and Kiwanis International is helping to develop this program.
Mr. Matt Carter, Bishop Titus Dees, Rivers Buford III, C.B. Cardy and Rep. Kurt Kelly are early leading contributors of direction to this program.  A Special Thanks to Governor Crist for the Gadsden Initiative, The Marion County School Board, and certainly Mr. Galileo Galilei.
Why do Telescopes create such great interest from Students? 
No child is ever the same, having once looked at an object in the heavens through a telescope.  Each telescope will be named for an Astronaut.  We hope each Telescope is the beginning of an educational opportunity, a key to learning and the realized potential of each child. 
The bond between youth and each astronaut will very likely grow through the years. Each of us remember being recognized, valued and helped along our path by a special teacher.  Hence the Chain of Children, teachers, leaders, achievers, will be joined by astronauts.  Modern telescopes seem like a comuter game to students.  By day the students will study technology, optics, computer controls of the telescope, SkyMaps.  By night, the heavens will open.  Once started along the interest path, students will find much more information on line.  Don Browning, Educational Team Member

New doors will open for many students.

Light and Mother Nature Seeing has been my thing.

Galileo's Early Life


NASA Astronauts Inspire Today's Youth Worldwide.

Thanks to: The Gammons Charitable Trust for their generous contributions making it possible to have the first awards in place as mission STS 119 Launches into earth orbit.

Gadsden County Florida will receive a Telescope to help with education program. Telescope to be named for an Astronaut.

Joe Acaba is Mister Marion County. Already youth have surged ahead in their studies, because of Joe's generous dedication to Education. Our children are so very eager to learn.

Astronauts, help youth link into the knowledge and success of the US Space Program. You have heard of the Hubble Telescope, now get ready to hear great things about the Archambalt Telescope, the Acaba Telescope, and the Wakata Telescopes. Funds are being raised to provide Telescopes for the remaining Astronauts of STS 119.
Program Outline:  In the first stages. Telescopes will sent to selected school districts to inspire and link youth with the opportunities of Education.
1.  To link youth to the bright astronaut champions as they are selected and perform in their field in the American Space Program
2.  The kick off of TomorrowsAstronauts will feature Shuttle Commander Lee Archambault, TeamEducaton Spotlight will shine on Gadsden County youth.
Governor asked that we focus on the great need in Gadsden County for support of the progress the children are making.

Joeseph Acaba has been recognized for inspiring Marion County Children.  Previously a teacher, Joe will be a natural fit giving a helping hand to the youth of Central Florida.
    Telescope Acaba will do wonders in tying study subjects to actual activities of Astronaut Joe Acaba.  Jackie Ballas is the School Board Coordinator responsible for teacher student coordination in Marion County.  The Marion County School Board Members are working to make the program a great success.

    Koichi Wakata will be the link back to  the children in Saitama Japan.

Dr. Wakata Flew on STS -72, and is great inspiration to children around the world. Great things will come from Koichi's teaching.

A Tiny Hubble, a new link to NASA's Educators.

Don Browning on the Campaign Trail.  Don believes we must return to fundamental values in America.  Below are campaign photographs, Elected Officials Don holds in high regard and Art from across Florida that Don offers for your enjoyment.